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  1. What does the word wistful mean?
    • From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) (web1913) :
      1. Longing; wishful; desirous. ("Lifting up one of my sashes, I cast many a wistful, melancholy look towards the sea." --Swift.)
      2. Full of thought; eagerly attentive; meditative; musing; pensive; contemplative. ("That he who there at such an hour hath been, will wistful linger on that hallowed spot." --Byron.)
    • From WordNet (r) 1.6 (wn) :
      1. Full of longing or unfulfilled desire;  [syn: yearning] ("Those wistful little ads that the lovelorn place in the classifieds.")
      2. Showing pensive sadness;  [syn: pensive] ("The sensitive and wistful response of a poet to the gentler phases of beauty.")
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  2. I don't see any poems here. Doesn't it make sense that there should be poems and other things like that here?
    • Actually, yes, it does make sense. But I haven't put any up and I don't feel like doing so. If you have something you want to have posted here, then feel free to let me know.
    • No one has said, "Hey, can you put some of my stuff up or link to it?" If you have stuff you want linked to, visit the links page.
  3. Why did you pick this domain name?
    • Honestly, it was the first available one that I liked at the time. That and I seem to view the world wistfully at times. *sigh*
    • It seemed like a good idea at the time.
  4. Can I get some web space here?
    • Not at this time. Probably not ever. It is too much work to maintain.
  5. Can I get an email address here, or mail forwarding?
    • For email, you'd be limited to a small amount of space and a web interface. Which is fine for some people, but not all. I try to only use the web interface when I travel.
    • Mail forwarding would use up some of the bandwidth and storage for a period of time, neither of which are free (sadly), and I haven't made a single dime from any of the banners (swear to god I haven't, but I keep them just in case I need them myself).
    • And in any case, it costs me money to run this, so it wouldn't be a free service. Bummer deal, man.
  6. Is anything here copyrighted?
    • Simply put, yes, everything here is copyrighted wether noted or not on any page. Anything created becomes copyrighted by the creator (or by the entity that contracted the creator for the work) upon creation.
    • This applies to images of any kind, the site layout, and any texts contained within. Some works may not be owned or copyrighted by the site owners or a user thereof. In such cases, the copyright belongs to whomever owns such works.
    • Additionally, you are not permitted to mirror the site or any content within in any way without permission from the operator of this site and/or the owners of any content contained within this site, it's sub-hosts, or any subdomains.
  7. What about links? Can I link to you, will you link to me?
    • We do have a links section which contains other sites we like and/or feel you might like also.
    • If you want to link to us, or any users page within this site or any subdomains, please get permission to do so first. Linking directly to's top level index is cool without first asking, but for anything below there (users pages, other hosts, subdomains, etc.) we request that you ask first.
    • Please also be advised that "hot linking" to images or mirroring content here is strictly forbidden under any circumstances.
    • If you'd like us to link to you, just send us an email asking us to do so with a URL.
  8. I tried sending email to someone at your domain, but I got a weird error message from your server?
    • You probably were denied by one of our anti-spam measures.
    • Please visit our SPAM policies page for more information.
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