Links to Other Places
  • Words
    • - This is another dictionary site that also has a thesaurus feature.
    • TextFiles - A massive resource for "old school" or "classical" t-files plus some recent ones. This is a window into the history of text files of yesterday. If you don't know what I mean by t-file, text file, etc., or you want to view the past of modeming, then check this out! I wish I had done something like this when I thought about it in the past. When I read things from here, I get nostalgic (awww!) and start to feel old. Crimeny!
  • News
    • Slashdot - "News for Nerds. Stuff that matters." Too bad they advocate Linux more than anything instead of remaining neutral, and can't seem to keep the site up for more than five minutes at a time... but it does have some "stuff that matters."
    • The Register is a news site from the UK.
  • Conventions
    • CONvergence is a SciFi / Fantasy convertion held every year in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Unix / Windows / etc.
    • FreeBSD is a free, kick-ass BSD operating system.
    • Postfix - Postfix is a kick-ass SMTP daemon that beats the hell out of Sendmail for speed and ease of configuration.
    • Rocky Linux
    • Apple macOS uses BSD as the underlying core of the OS.
  • Anti-Spyware / Anti-Popups / Anti-Virus
    • If you are using Firefox, Edge, or Chrome, then consider installing one of the following extensions/plugins to reduce unwanted ads:
      • AdblockPlus
      • uBlock Origin
  • Misc.
    • WebTender is a database of a lot of drinks - it's great stuff.
    • US National Do Not Call List - Sign up your phone numbers and (hopefully, but probably not) reduce the amount of unwanted telemarketer calls you get.
  • Spam related links
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