• Personal web pages hosted here:
    • Ed (moon / cairo)
    • Bridget (demona / the satanic jelly bean)
    • Sara (momo / micha / queen of the day-glo goths / meat queen)
  • We have a list of links to places we think are cool and/or useful.
  • And then there is Juan, the magic 8-ball, too (beware of false prophets).
  • If you have an email account with us, you can go here to check it (SSL enabled browser required). Do you need to change your email password?
  • The Gallery is filled with many pictures in quite a few albums, some of which are questionable or Just Plain Wrong in nature, of local music venues and performers, and zoos, among other things.
  • We also have a diary system that you can use and/or view. It's free, mostly fast, and doesn't completely suck considering what it is.
  • We also have our own TinyURL-like system which you can use. It is more like a public link-dump. It displays the last 30 public tiny URLs as well as allowing submitters to give a Title and/or Description to URLs. URLs can be categorized and searched.
  • We also have a Wiki now which will eventually be filled with usefull stuff.
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