Spam - Relaying
Relaying is when you send a message from your computer to another to have it delivered. And while that is pretty much what everyone does, it usually isn't called that because they (the user) are using an SMTP server that they are supposed to be using at their ISP or whatever. Which pretty much means that relaying is when you try to use a server that you aren't supposed to to send out your email(s).

Which brings us to why you are here if you got this URL in a message returned to you as being undeliverable.

See, we don't want anyone relaying off of our servers. And that's what some of our software decided you were trying to do, so it said "relaying prohibited, go look at this url for any questions."

In other words, you can just go away if you're a spammer. If not, then send us a note and we'll see if we can help you out.
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