We're able to provide a number of services full-time and on a consulting basis.
  • Domain hosting:
    • Web hosting
      • Rock-solid Apache server
      • PHP scripting
      • MySQL databases
      • At-a-glance web stats utilizing Webalizer
      • Full web logs
    • Email hosting
      • Configurable anti-spam settings
      • Virus scanning
      • Secure (SSL/TLS) POP and IMAP access
      • Secure (SSL/TLS) SMTP relaying
      • Secure administration of users and aliases
  • Consulting:
    • Wireless
    • Security
    • Backups
    • Remote and On-site PC troubleshooting, repairs, and upgrades
    • Internet & point-to-point connections - ISDN (64k/128k), DS0 (56k), DS1 (T1), SDSL/ADSL
    • Routers
    • Firewalls (Cisco PIX, WatchGuard FireBox & SOHO, SonicWall)
    • Anti-Virus and Anti-Spy/Malware
If you're looking for help in the Sacramento, CA area, feel free to contact us.

Owners of domains hosted here may login to the domain mail admin UI in order to add/remove users and aliases. Users of domains hosted here may login to the domain mail user UI in order to change their password, or just contact their domain admin for assistance.
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