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2004-05-29 22:29:24 : System Updated, etc.
We're now running on "new" (i.e., not new but it is faster) hardware and the latest version of FreeBSD. If anyone notices any problems, feel free to let me know.

2004-01-04 14:42:32 : ok, here's the new layout
This is it, the new layout. It isn't special or exciting, but after a year or so with the old layout, we needed a change. So here it is in all of its banal glory. I've tossed all of the old banners into the trash and have a couple Amazon banners along the side instead. Also along the side is a menu which provides easy access to most of what this site has to offer. Neato beans.

2004-01-01 00:00:00 : Happy New Year?
Yep, it is that time again when the new year has begun and all of that fun stuff. So yeah, Happy New Year, people. And to help kick off the new year, we'll have a new layout up in a few days or so.

2003-07-19 16:34:34 : Upgraded things, moved things, and changed things.
All hosted sites are now back up after a few hours downtime due to hardware and software upgrades. I've also made a few changes to the layout of the homepage.

2003-06-03 07:48:47 : mmm-hmm.
Some updates are in order, I guess. First, yes, the site is still alive and well. Second, anyone interested in using a (currently totally free) diary/journal/blog might be interested in checking out our home-brewed system which can be found on our diary site. Third, I've just updated a few of the files on here in order to add some anti-spam stuff. We'll see if that helps any, I guess. And fourth, uhm, hmm, yeah. Carry on.

2003-01-01 00:10:00 : Happy New Year!
Well, it's now 2003 and there should be a few changes on the way on the Gallery and Diary sites. Keep checking in and stuff (or something).

2002-07-15 19:02:53 : RAM Upgraded
Upgraded the system from 128MB of RAM to 512MB. The Gallery seems to be much snappier now. (I should have added this RAM a long time ago.)

2002-06-27 19:15:33 : Back and kicking
All services are now fully restored after a fresh install of the entire system.

2002-06-14 08:52:30 : Updates
The index, links, and FAQ pages have had some minor changes. Among these changes is the addition of our linking, and copyright policies. It's nothing major, but the need recently arose so it had to be done.

2002-05-15 18:45:33 : CSS and other minor changes
The top pages here are now using CSS. Some other minor changes have been made to various other pages. The Gallery and Diary sites are now linked-to as well.

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